Isles Entrance

HOA for the Lakeside Condominiums at The Isles on Palmer Ranch, Sarasota FL
HOA Board of Directors

Pest control is provided to condominium owners at no additional cost by Palm Coast Pest Control --- 941-366-4626.
You must tell them that you are members of the Lakeside Condo Association at the Isles of Sarasota when you call.
They will spray inside and outside for you. Part of your quarterly fees paid to Lakeside, cover the cost of this service.

Everyone should be encouraged to make sure your dryer vents have been cleaned.
We have brushes you can borrow if you want to do it yourself, or you can contact Sunshine Dryer Vent cleaning service at 941-224-3606.

Everyone should be encouraged to check your shutter hardware kits to make sure that you have enough wingnuts, bolts, nuts and washers to put your shutters up properly.
Replacement hardware is available at local stores, and online. The time to buy it is now, not right before a storm.

Currently 52 out of 72 condominium owners have opted in to the Information Network that will pertain to safety and security news distribution.
If you would like to be included, but have not already done so, please email Doug.
We will also be using the information network to announce block parties, so don't miss out!

Please forward suggestions about any particular content you would like to see on this website.

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